About Us

DSC08860[2]Our Board of Directors

Penny Knowles, President
Vice President, TBA
Nicole Peña, Secretary
Susan Bott, Treasurer
Vickie Baehner
Nancy Emerson
Carol Herrera
Cathie McHenry
Teresa McNeil MacLean

Our Mission Statement

Working together to sustain the beauty and environment of the Santa Ynez Valley, WE Watch educates our members and the community about environmental issues affecting the quality of life in our Valley.  We actively support socially responsible efforts to protect our surroundings for ourselves and future generations while allowing for differences of opinions and approaches.

Guiding Principles

  • We dedicate our efforts to the maintenance of healthier land use and to an enhanced quality of life.
  • We establish our goals and programs based on the needs and interests of our members and communities while responding flexibly to changing conditions.
  • We support careful analysis of proposed land development adhering to a long-term vision for growth that maintains our quality of life.
  • We seek long-term solutions that respect our Valley by remaining committed to actions that are environmentally sensitive and sound.
  • We educate ourselves and provide information to others so that solutions to problems can come from individuals and communities.
  • We listen respectfully to the people with whom we work and to each other.  This kind of listening deepens understanding, allows lasting relationships to develop and brings wholeness to our work.
  • We respect the spiritual and cultural roots of individuals and communities as we strive to preserve and protect our Valley’s environment.
  • We support dialogue between government and its constituencies that promotes sharing of ideas and information, addresses problems and assists in developing solutions.